1. If you have engaged in a conversation with me concerning travel, fashion, or interior design in the past three months, there is no doubt that the word “Scandinavia” has arisen. There is much to be caught up with, but in short I have crossed the Atlantic to live in Berlin for 5 months. My intensive language course includes four Danes, two Dutch students, and a girl from Finland (among other nationalities represented). Needless to say, my desire to see the woods of a Netherlandish clog, the green grass of Amsterdam’s coffee house pastures, and sleek pavements of Stockholm street style has only grown stronger in the taunting Scandinavian presence before me. To my delight, I happened across a boutique that had been recommended to me by a previous ex-pat Berliner. Think Zara prices with Acne aesthetic—add palettes of neon and pastel and multiply the collection to match an APC breadth of selection and PRESTO—a boutique called Cos in the Unter den Linden area of Berlin near my school, the Humboldt University. It is on the Französische Straße U Bahn line. I later learned that Cos is a 5 year old branch of H & M. I’m not sure if this disappoints me or encourages me to purchase that many more items than just my ideal black French-cut bikini top. Take a gander at the Cos website and see where the Scandinavian border is drawn between fashion and style.