1. ///////////////////TANZ IN DEN MAI////////DANCE INTO MAY//////////////////////////

    Yesterday was the first of May. In America we call this day “May Day,” which I believe derives from some sort of military event…or the summer solstice harvest. In either case, we celebrate May Day by attaching ribbons or daisy chains to a central pole and dance around it until the pole has been sufficiently wrapped in spring colors, flowers, and love. In Berlin, however, we celebrate nonstop from the last day of April until the end of May 1st by filling the streets with Minimal Techno and Electric Swing beats, bratwurst barbecues, Socialist demonstrations, and 2€ beers. Just replace the porn-star chicks in “Pump up the Jams” with overweight German men in leather and you should have an idea of how to “keep the party pumpin’.” Let’s dance into May 2nd, shall we?